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A Brief Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Leveling Guide

In this short Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Leveling Guide, I give a broad analysis of this exciting class. In subsequent installments, I'll be looking at more targeted info and strategies for fast leveling in Diablo 3!

The witch doctor calls on a vast range of devastating curses, hexes, minions as well as magics while leveling in the world in Diablo 3. Equipped to create armies of zombies, bugs, toads, mongrels as well as other horrific creatures, these dark conjurers sidetrack their foes with such terrible pets while unleashing their own personal awesome abilities on the unsuspecting adversaries.

Examples of their trademark skills are toxic clouds, exploding bodies, swarms of locusts and awful fires. Experienced in the dark arts of hexes and curses, they also can drastically drain their enemies to ensure success in combat. Besides the spell-casting and summoning capabilities, they are also rather skilled at close-quarters combat, making this class a truly well-rounded choice for painless Diablo 3 leveling.

Numerous talents frequently harken back at the necromancer class of Diablo 2, that many people found to present a fun alternative style of gameplay in comparison with many of the more common characters like barbarians and wizards.

This class is without question renowned with regards to their control of dark spells from beyond our world. Witch doctors are generally high level men and women of the Umbaru clan and are generally told to have a spiritual connection with the afterlife, that they refer to as the Unformed Land. Tormented by the screams of spirits from atrocities long past, the witch doctor is at constant battle to rid this world of evil which will help prevent possible future anguish.

This character offers many unique items which happen to be unique to the class. His / her off-hand object, with powerful stats, is called a Mojo and their special main hand weaponry is named a Ceremonial Knife. Additional weapons able to be carried by these characters are one-handed axes, one-handed daggers, one-handed maces, one-handed spears and one-handed swords. Moreover, they are able to employ two-handed axes, two-handed axes maces, two-handed axes polearms, two-handed axes staves and two-handed axes swords.

As for armour, witch doctors start out their adventures using common tribal bodypaint and a limited cover of cloth and also fur armor. As they level, they will gain access to steel armour plates as well as, at some point, highly-ornamental and protecting armour suits embellished using skulls, horns, and also feathers.

Their special type of armour is the Voodoo Mask, which for me is reason enough to pick this amazing class as your first character to level up in Diablo 3. The Voodoo Mask allows for particularly intriguing and threatening gear visuals and certainly goes far to express the look and style of the class.

Remarkably, this is the only character in Diablo 3 which uses mana for their primary resource. Contrary to the limited but quickly-regenerating arcane energy of the wizard, the witch doctor's mana is a huge pool of spiritual energy that regenerates rather slowly but surely as time passes. As a result, he or she should plan their large, mana-intensive attacks very carefully to be sure they don't end up depleted in the heat of battle.

The good thing about this slow to replenish but good sized mana pool is that they are able to launch enormously-powerful strikes in a second's notice if they have a full supply of mana. This tends to allow for large-scale battleground carnage possibly unrivaled by most other character types.

Pets are another one of the exclusive abilities that sets the witch doctor apart from many other character types in Diablo 3. This character has the ability to call and command horrible swarms of locusts, rabid groups of mongrel canines, flesh eating undead, and all manner of scary pests.

Their pets work both like an offensive, damage dealing ability as well as a viable defensive capability. The witch doctor may perhaps send their minions to attack a group of enemies, empowering the pets to receive the majority of the harm and abuse. This provides the witch doctor the chance to either make a fast escape from dangerous predicaments or even send in a barrage of their impressive spells that may help kill the enemies.

I hope that this Diablo 3 witch doctor leveling guide synopsis has provided you a sense of this awesome class as well as all that they are proficient at. Until the next time, happy gaming!

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A Mini Diablo 3 Wizard Leveling Guide

In this short Diablo 3 Wizard Leveling Guide, we will be taking at look at an overview of the wizard class. Because of their long and storied history, it is important to understand the changes that the wizard class will undergo in Diablo 3 and how to use these changes to your benefit for smooth, quick leveling in Diablo 3. It should be mentioned that, like the other classes in Diablo 3, players will have the choice of leveling with a male or female wizard, with custom animations and character styling to match.

Wizards are generally famed for his or her power to cause huge amounts of mystical ruin although being a bit lagging and weaker in the armor area. The Diablo 3 wizard falls directly in line with these notions...however with several twists.

In Diablo 3, the wizard is a frightfully powerful master of fire, ice, arcane powers, and also time itself. As the story goes, wizards are classified as the renegade rebels of the magic-using world. With mages and sorcerers being fairly submissive to the policies of basic safety and self-control, wizards choose the path of reckless immersion in their amazing capabilities. While traditionally educated as casters, wizards make up the rebellious and powerful elite, adhering to no laws but their own.

Arcane Power is the innovative resource for the Wizard class. Arcane Power has been said to be absorbed by the wizard from the energies on the planet around her or him. as opposed to mana, Arcane Power regenerates quickly with almost always adequate "fuel in the tank" remaining to cast at the least a smaller spell. Having said that, due to fantastic strength of Arcane Power, it will have a cost on the wizard's entire body and can result in exhaustion if over used by casting too many large, powerful spells uninterruptedly. Because of this, many of the wizard's more destructive talents have a rather long cooldown timer. Don't worry though, the wizard character has several smaller spells to cast in between cooldowns. This kind of swiftly regenerating resource will surely help to make the wizard class skilled at fast leveling in Diablo 3.

When it comes to virtually every Role-playing game offered, the wizard class, whether it's a sorcerer, mage, warlock, and so on, has always proven to be highly trained at doling out gigantic amounts of damage using more than just a few tricks up their sleeve. The Diablo 3 wizard class is not an exception. When in the position to step back to a safe range, this character class has the ability to channel their arcane powers and discharge a damaging flurry of sensational attacks that will lay waste to the opponents in rapid fashion.

Experts of the elements, wizards are expert conjurers of AOE, or area of effect attacks. They're able to cause widespread damage to massive amounts of enemies simultaneously, all from a relatively secure range. When wizards land in the path of danger, they're able to cast protective spells such as Teleport and Slow Time to stay away from the inbound destruction.

For armour, Diablo 3 wizards will start with access to cloth armour however will promptly acquire the ability to put on more protective gear such as hardened leather-based chestguards. In the higher levels, the wizard character is going to have access to ornamental and protective equipment such as powerful hoods along with decorated metal plates to accessorize their mighty gowns and tunics.

Wizards will be able to utilize a surprisingly wide variety of weapons in Diablo 3. They're going to have accessibility to the conventional wizard weapons including staves, wands, one-handed swords, off-hand orbs and also mystical daggers. Additionally, the way it is in today's release of the 'beta', it appears that wizards also are able to use a variety of less-common wizard weaponry such as spears, two-handed axes, along with bows.

This Diablo 3 wizard leveling guide has revealed that the newly modified wizard class will certainly have a wide range of abilities, weaponry and armor that will make them both vastly powerful damage dealers as well as fairly sturdy opponents on the battlefield. With all of these powerful new tools at their disposal, the wizard will most certainly be a very viable character choice for fast, efficient leveling in Diablo 3!

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A Brief Diablo 3 Leveling Guide

In this brief Diablo 3 leveling guide, I would like to offer a few simple concepts that will help you level your characters to 60 as quickly as possible during the first months of the Diablo 3 release.

Since the release of Diablo 2 in 2000, much time has passed and the fans of this ground-breaking game have waited patiently for the next installment in the series. Well, Diablo 3 is finally upon us...well almost. Soon to be released, Diablo 3 promises to be a worthy addition to the Blizzard MMORPG arsenal which contains the likes of Diablo, Starcraft, and World of Warcraft. With the release date so near in the future, one question is bound to be on many people's minds. How can I get my Diablo 3 character to level 60 as quickly as possible?

While the exact details of the final release version are still top secret, Blizzard has given a pretty good idea as to the style of the game play of Diablo 3 as well as what each character class will offer. Based on this information, I would like to offer the following suggestions to increase the speed at which you can level your particular character class.

First, always keep your follower active and fighting. Much like in Diablo 2, Diablo 3 will allow you to have a follower, otherwise known as a henchman, accompany you through the treacherous zones of the world and fight along side of you. By allowing your follower to help combat your enemies, you will do more overall damage to your foes and thus dispatch them more quickly. And of course, the faster you kill your enemies, the faster you gain experience towards your next level. Additionally, by keeping your follower active, he or she will absorb some of the incoming damage from your enemies, ultimately allowing you to survive through some of the tougher situations. By remaining alive, you will obviously continue gaining experience and increase your overall leveling speed.

Next, I recommend playing with a friend. A real friend that is...not just your in-game follower companion. By playing multi-player with a friend in Diablo 3, you'll be able to absolutely tear through your enemies and gain experience very quickly. The smartest choice is to choose 2 character classes that complement each other well and enjoy the synergy of your chosen combination. Class combinations such as warriors and wizards are ideal due to the fact that you will have 1 character able to rush into the group of enemies and absorb large amounts of damage with heavy armor and another character able to stand off at range and demolish your foes with magic from a safe distance. Additionally, playing with a friend is always more fun, so the time will fly by and you will be gaining loads of experience while socializing and having a good time. You know that whole saying about time flying and having fun...right?

I hope you have enjoyed this brief Diablo 3 leveling guide. As the release date continues to near, I will be offering much more detailed information with specific tips for each class that will help you to level your Diablo 3 character to 60 in the most efficient way possible.

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An Overview Of Experience In Diablo 3

One of the most important concepts to understand in any Diablo 3 leveling guide is how experience works. Because gaining experience as quickly as possible is synonymous with fast leveling, it only makes sense to start with a basic overview of fundamentals. By understanding how the system is set up, one can ultimately work to manipulate it in order to level very quickly.

Like almost every other MMO, killing an enemy will grant you experience. However, the greater the level difference between you and the monster you are killing, the less xp you will receive. That is to say, if you have a level 10 barbarian, killing a level 5 or level 15 enemy, both kills will result in less experience when compared to killing, say, a level 10 enemy. This is similar to World of Warcraft, wherein killing lower level mobs will grant you less experience, eventually diminishing to zero. However, in World of Warcraft, killing enemies higher than you actually carries a substantial xp bonus. I'm guessing that Blizzard has decided to penalize these higher level kills in Diablo 3 as a new way of discouraging some of the power leveling that went on in Diablo 2.

It will be interesting to see if this system stays in place, or if Blizzard simply resorts to the same system used in WoW, where xp gains are higher for killing higher level mobs, but when in a group with a higher level character the xp gains are penalized accordingly. I guess we will have to wait and see what the final outcome is.

Experience combo bonuses is a new (and very cool) source of experience making its debut in Diablo 3. Kill combo bonuses, also called "Massacre", are awarded for killing a bunch of enemies quickly in a row. You receive your regular experience for each kill, plus an xp bonuses awarded at the end of your killing streak. The kills need to occur within only a few seconds of each other to be considered a streak, otherwise the kill counter will reset. The amount of bonus xp granted depends on the number of enemies you kill in a row. Personally, this feature really excites me because it indicates Blizzard's intention for Diablo 3 to be an all-out slaughterfest. Rewarding such non-stop mayhem definitely harkens back to Diablo's predecessors where leaving a path of destruction in your wake was not only possible but highly encouraged.

Also new in Diablo 3 is the "Pulverize" experience bonus. This bonus xp is granted for successfully springing a trap or otherwise using your environment to deal damage to a foe. As it currently exists in the beta, you're not required to actually kill the enemy with your trap to receive the bonus, only to damage them. As long as you finish the job using other means of damage dealing within a timely fashion, you will receive the pulverize bonus.

Diablo 3 offers additional experience bonuses for killing multiple enemies simultaneously with one damage dealing ability. This bonus is currently being called "Mighty Blow".

Unlike Diablo 1 and 2, quests in Diablo 3 will now award experience. From what it looks like in the beta, the experience gained from successful completion of a quest is actually pretty huge. Often it's more than the total amount of xp earned from killing all the enemies during the course of the completing the quest!

I definitely view this addition as a good thing, as it will give us players multiple ways to earn experience rather than the relentless grinding (killing many enemies for hours on end) that the previous games were famous for. Part of leveling characters quickly in Diablo 3 will be dependent on one's ability to actually stick with the process for an extended period of time, which is made quite a bit more enjoyable when you add some variety to the mix.
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